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Health Insurance Solutions

With more than 7 million people across the UK taking out their own health insurance, it is more important than ever to understand exactly what you are buying, how health insurance policies work and how you can reduce your premiums without compromising your medical cover.

We’ll explain all you need to know about private medical insurance, family health insurance, business medical insurance and group health insurance, as well as showing you what is available for overseas workers and ex-pats who need international health insurance.

Why you need independent advice about health insurance

Naturally, the internet is full of health insurance providers telling you why their insurance policies are the best for quality, cover and cost. There are also intermediaries who work on behalf of these companies to give help and advice to customers. It is important to remember that while the vast majority are open and honest, these companies often promote their own products, and may not give you a true picture of the options available to you.

Healthinsurancesolutions.co.uk is an independent private health insurance broker. That means that we are not tied to any particular medical insurance company or group of companies, so we can advise you objectively on all of the health insurance policies currently available.

As independent health insurance experts, we are perfectly placed to evaluate each policy purely on merit, explaining clearly the benefits and drawbacks of each, to help you make an informed decision.

Individual Health Insurance

Individual health insurance enables you to bypass lenghty NHS waiting times and receive treatment quickly should you become ill or injured.


Family Health Insurance

Family health insurance provides cover for the whole family ensuring that treatment is received quickly should the need arise.


Private Medical Insurance

So what does private medical insurance provide that the NHS doesn’t and what are the advantages of private medical insurance that make it so popular?


Business Health Insurance

Buying business health insurance is much more cost effective than buying individual policies, as there is a better balance of risk for the insurers.


How we can save you time and money on medical insurance

Private health insurance is often a complex and confusing business, and balancing the cover you need against the price you pay is not easy.  There are many different levels of cover, from basic heart and cancer health insurance, which covers you for the two biggest health concerns and no more, to comprehensive medical insurance, which covers you for all in-patient and out-patient care, along with many other added benefits.

Of course, you could try and find the best deal for yourself, by trawling through all the websites and comparing the levels of health insurance cover and costs between the many different medical insurance providers, but this will take many hours of your time, and you still won’t find all the options available to you.

At Health Insurance Solutions, we know the health insurance market inside out, so we can often find you a far better deal on your healthcare than you could on your own, and far quicker too, without you spending hours online.

Our promise to you

Health Insurance Solutions will help you find the best value combination of cover and cost, to ensure that you have the health insurance you need, without paying extra for cover you don’t want. By comparing hundreds of different policies from all the leading providers, we can advise you on the very best health insurance options available for your circumstances.