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Looking for existing medical conditions insurance cover that may not be covered on standard terms with a life insurance company? We are here to help.

Here at Health Insurance Solutions we specialise in arranging medical conditions insurance for people with existing medical conditions.

You may have already been declined by a life insurance company or have been afraid to submit an application for fear of being rejected or heavily rated for your pre-existing medical condition.

Conditions such as heart problems, stroke , cancer or diabetes are often rejected by life insurance companies on standard terms. Here at Health Insurance Solutions we have access to not just the standard panel of insurance companies but also specialist companies that will only deal with brokers such as us.

Pre Existing Medical Conditions Insurance

We cannot give a cast iron guarantee we can help everyone find pre-existing medical conditions insurance cover, but our experience and expertise in this market since 1999 means we will do our utmost to try and find suitable cover for you.

pre existing medical conditions life insuranceLife insurance for people with pre existing medical conditions

We can help you find cover and life insurance if you have pre existing medical conditions. After taking details about your medical conditions we will search the entire market to find you life insurance for the pre existing medical conditions

Pre-Existing medical conditions health insurance

Cover for pre-existing medical conditions health insurance is available for all ages from our specialist insurance companies. Most people who go on holiday like to feel confident that should they have an accident or illness they will be covered for any medical attention required. Those that have pre-existing medical conditions need to ensure they have cover for them or the consequences could be catastrophic.

All Insurance for Medical Conditions enquiries are treated with the strictest confidence. We understand circumstances are individual and treat each enquiry accordingly.

Put us to the test for pre-existing medical conditions life insurance.

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