Research suggests LSD as a treatment for alcoholism

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Recent research from Norway has suggested that the dangerous Class A drug LSD may help in the treatment of alcoholism.

LSD is known to be a powerful hallucinogenic drug. It can sometimes cause people to place themselves in danger, inducing intense anxiety and panic attacks. It is also thought that it may trigger some psychotic illnesses and users can sometimes undergo flashbacks months after taking the drug.

The researchers analysed six trials of the drug, involving over 500 patients, between 1966 and 1970. The patients were all involved in alcohol treatment programmes.

Some patients were given a single dose of LSD of up to 800 micrograms, whilst others weren’t.

The results indicate that 59% those given LSD reported a drop in the level of alcohol misuse in the following six months, whilst only 38% of those who weren’t reported a drop.

The researchers suggested that a regular dose may lead to a sustained benefit, which they believe has been largely overlooked as a potential treatment for alcoholism.

A government advisor, Professor David Nutt, was previously sacked after suggesting that the drugs laws should be relaxed to enable further research into illegal drugs.

Professor Nutt pointed out that LSD helps people to change the way that they see themselves and that this is a particularly useful tool when treating alcoholics. He went on to suggest that LSD has a ‘big effect’ and that there aren’t any other treatments that show better results when tackling alcoholism.

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