The UK is below average in terms of healthy life expectancy

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The healthcare system in the UK has gradually developed to be the envy of the world. It is free to all citizens, ha brought in a well authorized smoking ban in public places, has good immune systems, cancer screening and reduced the levels of salt in the food Brits eat. However, the institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation’s latest research suggests that the UK lags behind in term of the health of its population.   The report on the research into the global burden of disease and its UK findings, in fact compared health in the UK to 18 other countries- 14 other members of the EU, plus Australia, Canada, Norway and the US. The researchers aimed to figure out why some nations do better than others and why the UK life expectancy has decreased?   What are the main contributors to a below average healthy life expectancy?   The findings of the research suggest that the number of years that Britons can expect to live for before diseases or disability take their toll, is below average and not all of that is down to hospital care. The report reveals smoking, diet, alcohol and drugs are the main contributors to the below average healthy life expectancy.   For the last 60 years, the UK has gloried in a healthcare system that should be in fact increasing Brit’s healthy life expectancy. Despite putting taxes on cigarettes and the smoking ban in public places, too many people still have a tobacco habit and too many people haven’t ever managed to quit.   Not only smoking, but also diet is an issue too! Although their has been a reduce of salt in foods, we Britons are still consuming high levels of saturated fat , trans-fats and sugar leading to a big increase in the obesity rates in the UK. Obesity is a risk for heart disease, stroke and cancer therefore has a huge impact on the below average healthy life expectancy in the UK. In Britain we have a huge alcohol problem and it’s getting increasingly worse.  Cirrhosis of the liver as a cause of death rose by 65% between 1990 and 2010 and drug use disorders are up by 577%. Clearly showing action is needed!   Many blame the NHS and the lack of health awareness messages to the public.   Further Action   There is further research and work currently taking place to find out why exactly the UK has done worse in terms of healthy life expectancy levels, than other countries that were studied too.   The report that has been created showing the results of these studies is going to be used as evidence to show the government that action is needed and that they need to make changes to improve the health of their people.

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